Databases are literally a bank of data. For example, for a class of year three, databases could be based on hobbies, height, eye colour etc. Each of these areas are 'fields,' which form categories of a database. Electronic databases are extremely useful as they are easy to use within the school environment.

Website databases gather information about customers likes and suggestions for other items that they may wish to buy. '' as well as grocery shopping websites and many other online shopping sites, tend to give you recommendations based on what you have already bought and your interests.

Databases are used in primary schools for various uses, spefically in science, where children are taught to use databases for predictions. Databases of this kind may include: keys - like mini beasts, types of dwellings, musical instruments etc. These databases can be created by children both by hand and on the computer.

Topic box is a brilliant website that has loads of free resources for every primary subject including science. I came across it searching for classification keys.