There are many fantastic websites that can encourage children to write in different ways and using different mediums. This can be especially useful for those children who are less confident in writing and would not indepently choose to do so, as well as those who find writing difficult.


Cue Prompter is a useful website resource that creates a prompt like television presenters use for their autocues. You can write whatever text you want in the box provided and it will create the prompt you need. It incorporates writing with a fun activity that will engage pupils.


This image shows a screenprint example of a cue prompt that I created.

Wallwisher is another brilliant website that can encourage children to write. It is like a virtual post-it note wall where people can voice their opinions about different topics. This would be ideal to use on the interactive whiteboard at school where the teacher could pose a question and children could take it in turns at different times in a lesson to add their opinions. There is also the option to leave a thought annonymously which would encourage children who are less confident to voice their opinions without the worry of being judged for them. We used 'Wallwisher' in our first ICT session so that Pam could gain an understanding of our hopes for the module.
This image shows a screenprint example of how you can create a wall on wallwisher. This example is taken from the 'Wallwisher' website.