Qwizdom is a relatively new device which is a hand-held voting system with questions that have been pre-prepared. It can be used in the classroom as an electronic multiple choice device for students to answer questions.
These devices can be used as a useful addition to the classroom when testing children, especially for those are less keen to share their ideas with the class. There is the option to keep the annonymity of the respondant as well as being able to mark your details. They can be used in various test situations, for example, spelling tests.external image quizdom.jpg&aoe=1&w=160
There are pros and cons to the software as it is very expensive and can be temperamental when trying to link the software to the main computer. We found this in practice, having carried out a grammar audit using the device and due to a technical glitch, we lost all the data so had to carry out the audit again! It is also questionable as to whether or not the expense can be justified in the amount it will be used in the classroom.