Advantages of Movie Making

  • It motivates people
  • Improves behaviour because people are actively involved
  • Children can communicate their ideas without needing to write
  • It allows you to problem solve
  • Improves communcation
  • Develops creativity
  • Can be used across the curriculum e.g. literacy, science, D&T, etc.

Stop Motion animation is a method that makes an object appear to move on its own. Stop Motion Methods can be created using a webcam or digital camera. Movie Maker can be used to add text to tell the story and to put the pictures together to create an animation. Creating an animation using the 'stop motion' technique looks so effective and complicated to make but is simple when you know how!

'Wallace and Gromit', 'Morph' and many other animations are created using the 'stop motion' technique. This video (see below) is a clip from Morph found on youtube.

Choosing a story or an idea is probably the most difficult part of the process. Once that has been decided, it is easy to create a background and the object/s that you want to use in your film. I chose a lego person and photographed it in many different transitions so that when the photographs were sped up, it would appear to be walking.

Here's Pam's tips on how to make a 'Stop Motion' animation:

This video is the animation we created during the seminar. It is not finished as I want to manipulate it further so that I can use it for my resource in my presentation. However, it shows our intial attempt at stop motion animation.